I've been meaning to rework my phone's very functional but very ugly homescreen for a while now, and what better way to spend some quality procrastination time during finals?

I used Nova Launcher (the free version) : [link]
The background image is the default background that comes with Buzz Launcher: [link]
The black icons are "Minimalist_Black": [link].
Black widgets are Minimalistic Text Widgets: [link]
I also used Circle Launcher Light for the "Contacts" and "Bookmarks" text icons, but with the actual icon reduced to size 0 : [link]

The Calendar widget is Simple Calendar Widget: [link]

I set the launcher to have more rows and columns, and to allow me to overlay widgets on top of one another so that I could maintain the consistent black background behind them all. The dock icons each represent an individual page of the homescreen, and tapping on a given icon takes you to that page, while the identifying text above the icon seems to swoosh away to be replaced by the appropriate text on the next screen.